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[FREE] Your Face Tomorrow: Volume 1 : Fever and Spear download ebook
[FREE] Your Face Tomorrow: Volume 1 : Fever and Spear download ebook

Javier Marias,Margaret Jull Costa,: Your Face Tomorrow: Volume 1 : Fever and Spear

Your Face Tomorrow: Volume 1 : Fever and Spear


Part spy novel, part romance, part Henry James, Your Face Tomorrow is a wholly remarkable display of the immense gifts of Javier Marias. With Fever and Spear, Volume One of his unfolding novel Your Face Tomorrow, he returns us to the rarified world of Oxford (the delightful setting of All Souls and Dark Back of Time), while introducing us to territory entirely new--espionage. Our hero, Jaime Deza, separated from his wife in Madrid, is a bit adrift in London until his old friend Sir Peter Wheeler retired Oxford don and semi-retired master spy recruits him for a new career in British Intelligence. Deza possesses a rare gift for seeing behind the masks people wear. He is soon observing interviews conducted by Her Majesty's secret service: variously shady international businessmen one day, would-be coup leaders the next. Seductively, this metaphysical thriller explores past, present, and future in the ever-more-perilous 21st century. This compelling and enigmatic tour de force from one of Europe's greatest writers continues with Volume Two, Dance and Dream."

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Author: Javier Marias,Margaret Jull Costa,
Number of Pages: 400 pages
Published Date: 30 Sep 2007
Publisher: New Directions Publishing Corporation
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780811217279
Download Link: Click Here


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